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The ePaper Archive

When ever you want to repurpose InDesign document content, you need to have it in an appropriate format.
In almost all cases, this means: "We need XML!". How to achieve this with as little effort as possible - find out in the next box.

After having done this job, «ePaperArchives» is one out of many possible systems to serve the publications in an suitable form to readers.

This web and archive system can hold Newspapers, periodicals, books and all other documents produced with InDesign.
The flip page eBooks (ePaper) do NOT USE FLASH and therefore can be viewed on standard PCs with large screens and on tablets or smart phones.

Document Exporter for InDesign

«BatchXSLT for InDesign» and «easEPub for InDesign» are the exporters which can extract InDesign document content with a click. Content matching the requirements for Internat and database applications. This means rich tagged XML and HTML5.

The exporter software and the manual may be obtained:
• BatchXSLT for InDesign at aiedv.ch –»
• easEPub for InDesign at easepub.com –»

The main functionality of both software packages is the same. The difference is, that "easEPub for InDesign" does not contain the PRO-features but on the the other hand, time limited licenses at a discounted price may be obtained.
About this archive:
This application runs without Flash 15 different publications, a total of 18 issues containing around 3500 articles, are loaded in this archive and in the full-text search database.
All publications may be viewed as flip page ePaper (eBooks) on any device.
Archive Part #1
What is contained?
In this part of the XML archive you will find flipping pages ePapers exported from Indesign print layouts.
Many publications originally were created with an older version of InDesign but also can be exported using new InDesign versions. Some documents even were imported from old QuarkXPress 4.
Other examples contain web site plugins like a shopping cart to order products or request further information from the seller.
One example contains a video.
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Missing digital originals - then WHAT?
Scanned or photographed paper!
Sanned or photographed paper can be added to the archive after Optical Character Recognition ( OCR ).
Even from original paper in a very bad shape: Full text search!
Why XML for Old Documents?
Search engines need plain readable text for their search databases. XML or HTML is a text format which is recognized by such robots.
You have very old documents which you would like to see on the Internet? Digitize them!

Archive Part #2
What is contained
Part #2 of this archive contains flip page ePapers from documents available as hard copies only.
The text from scanned or photographed paper can be digitized using optical character recognition (OCR).
As soon as we have the plain text, it can be overlayed on a page image in InDesign. Result: fulltext-search on old documents.
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The exporter packages run on desktop computers Windows and OSX with at least 8GB Ram;
InDesign CC all versions, CS6 down to CS5

Hosting a flipping pages web site:
Any web server with PHP5, MySQL5 (standard hostings)
Like Linux and Apache, Windows IIS ...

XML? What's the use of it?
Is it important that your publications survive years or decades and still can be read?
Is it important that parts of an entire publication easily may be extracte and can be served as single articles to readers?
Do you want to remain flexible on HOW you present content to your readers in the future?

If you answer YES to any of these questions, then you should convert your printed publications to XML.

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